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Nowadays it’s incredibly hard to imagine companies are not relying on IT-systems as they, most of the time secretly in the background, fulfill important tasks. From office networks or internet portals for clients and partners up to highly-specified assembly lines in factories, IT systems and their services enable employers to work more efficient.

Even business critical processes depend more and more on smoothly flowing IT services. Most of the time this is accomplished by using a broad set of different IT products and technologies. Besides high availability of these services, particularly the security of processed data is important. Needless to say, no company wants to see their confidential information in the hands of someone else.

How can we permanently maintain a level of highest security? And just as important, how can one make sure that current security is adequate?

Profundis Labs is an IT Security company based in Munich Germany. We provide consulting services and technical assessments like Penetration Tests and Security Audits to actively check the security of your company data. Furthermore our consulting service is independent of manufacturers and we’ll make your employees become more aware to the issue of security.



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